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The SHOXX wholesale shooting was the best

I said it earlier but since I’m really really drunk now, so there might be weird sentences here, however I apologize for my selfishness, please forgive me!

Thanks to the voluntary board and for coming to the Brand X instore event.

I’m grateful you took time in your busy life for DaizyStripper.


Recently I’m thinking again that it’s difficult to speak one-to-one during the handshake event

For better or worse, since I’m a fucking brat, I said it myself and, when interacting I could use a faulty way of speaking and in some cases, it’s transmitted to the other and, unconsciously I could hurt the other party’s feelings without knowing,

However, I’m writing this blog now, by no means in regard to such as “You’re wrong”, if I said that sort of things, I’ll write it here, it’s not what it means.

Once again, I’ve myself been in the spirits to think about that, write it and, I’ll say it again, I don’t want to offense anyone or anything! 

However, if because my behaviour, I unsconciously hurt someone, I really must apologize.

I said it many times but, since now I’m very drunk, I’m very sorry if this article seeing this article irritates you.

But, I’ll never conceal my feelings to you that I love as much as my proper life and who are like precious tresors, because that’s me [my style].

I wrote the blog now because I wanted to tell it anyway [1]

Thus I’m now writing this blog, the tears won’t stop…

I’m looking forward seeing everyone’s smile next time we meet!


I’m verry sorry for my sloppy sentences


[1] Nao used とにかく”anyway” two times. Don’t know if it’s because he’s Nao, because he’s drunk or because he want to insist on that part.


TN: So yeah, that was long and drunk Nao doesn’t use his signature bye bye, and was a little harder to translate than usual but I couldn’t let that post untranslated: because the fact he thought of the fans when drunk, and felt obligated to write that (thus declaring his love for the fan); I think it excuse the pain it was to translate the post.

Anyway, be glad guys, Nao obviously loves us very much. 


DaizyStripper’s first participation

Over The Edge

I’ve been able to enjoy myself!

【Shikisai Vivid】for the beginning

The curtains opened

While I was also nervous and my heart was racing with excitement,

The part when I saw everyone’s face in the venue, it was a relief too.

It’s been a long time since we played here, so to be honest, I was nervous but,

it appears that this nervousness was a futility. *laughs*

Looks like everyone’s smile is magic, right?


This time, it was impressive when we played

【Nanairo no Hanataba wo】, at the hook of the intro, when everyone in the hall

Raised their hands, beating the time.

On the second floor

The ones from the back did it too,

I was happy the venue was wrapped in a warm atmosphere in the venue. (^-^)

It had been the first live for a while, for DaizyStripper, but

You smiled a lot, and were very enthusiastic



Before DaizyStripper’s live

As it was

The session band live with Sadie’s Mao Sadie!

First we began to play Dandelion but,

Soon after, there was troubles with the equipment so

The live was stopped *laughs*

After re-gathering energy, we started again with a new start!

On the contrary

That’s there!! (*‘△’*)


After Dandelion,

there was Shoujo Lolita 23q’s

Nejidokei Libido performance

The last one was Sadie’s Meisai performance,

but Ryosuke’s staging excitement brought him to fire up and play the same part as the rythm guitarist! (。ω°*)

To be able to play with these band members was very stimulating.

If we have the chance to do so, I’d like to do it again. (*‘△’*)

With this,

See you


Hey there,

Like the title said, it’s been a really long time we didn’t upload anything. Be assured, we didn’t stop following Daizy, it’s nothing like that. But with September came uni, and other stuffs. Before we saw it, a lot of time had already passed by. But, here we are.

So, first thing: Happy New Year.

Then, we are thinking of changing some little things here but, we tell more in a future post. During this time, if you have any suggestions, questions remarks, requests, please message us, we don’t bite.

Sorry for this long absence and please bear with us.

And if it wasn’t clear, yes, we will translate again.

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It’s Kocchi ni MOSH (laughs)

I’m sorry~ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

For today’s instore event at NicoNama headquarters, people who bought HUMALOID, and people who arrive at time will be able to participate and have fun!

There’ll certainly be a lottery for people to be able to participate to the broadcast!

「Kocchi ni MOSH!」

Today, all the members are participating( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


[1] Hello typo!

Waiting for his dish in the kitchen


"Ahー I’m hungry"


"[Isn’t it the time for the] Meal yet?"

When he’s hungry, with his cute voice
squealing and chirping.

Although, his stomach is full and


This triumphant look

See you~


It’s tomorrow’s instore event, but tomorrow, at NicoBroadcast headquarter, since I heard you have to buy HUMALOID to participate, please come early tomorrow♡-ish people, please come and have fun at Harajuku NicoBroadcast headquarters( *`ω´) 

After that, there will be a lottery to choose people who can attend the NicoBroadcast!

Tomorrow’s broadcast is here!

Episode 3「Kocchi ni MOSH!」

Tomorrow, for the first time, every member will be present!

Who’ll be the first to be dead drunk?!

Am I mistaking? laughs

Tomorrow’s impromptu songs’ topic is

【Summer memories~Sequel~】!

Waiting for lots of mails☆


People who can’t come, please smile with Buzz

Concerning the COMBAT GUITARS×T’s Project Special talk show exhibition that opens on September 8th(Saturday), The details for the application term have been decided, so here are the news.

On mobiles as well as smartphones, from the special COMBAT GUITARS×T’s Project Special talk show banner installed on the TOP page 

Following the application page, please read the important points well, then do your application from the top.

■Subscription term


※Be careful, the special installation page’s banner will be displayed from August, 22nd(tuesday), 15:00.

I’m always grateful to COMBAT talk show! I’ll personnally tell various things, so please look forward to it( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Please be sure to look forward to it!

After the trip back from Osaka and a sound sleep, we did rehearsals yesterday!

Thank you, everybody who stayed to Osaka’s live until the end

During the live, there were lots of bandmen watching us from above(laughs)

We became close to lots of bands, so the motivation to go to the other’s lives has grown

When the live is over, I was sweating heavily (laughs)

I’m glad we could have such a hot live, Osaka!

We’re coming back soon, so let’s meet again!

Today, I changed my hair color! I hadn’t been for a long time, so it’s good I could go!

When I went [to the hairdresser], Kazami also came (laughs)

When the hair-dying was finished, I had a walk, and unexpectedly, there was Mayu (laughs)

That’s the great DaizyStripper! laughs